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More than ever, it's time for companies to focus on Innovation methods that can help them think of the future, establish a vision, develop new products and services, evolve business models and overall adapt and succeed in this very competitive market.

That’s what we have been working on together!

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Partnering with client teams to turn problems into tangible solutions

MJV has partnered with CPG Companies in multiple ways

Aligning the culture 

Building the right 

The Agile Methodology allows us to build and test multiple hypotheses as we evolve a full concept. It also helps us break down the final solution into increments that can bring value to the process in a slow and steady way (both for the short and long term).

Curious about how it works?

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As the industry changes and evolves, we are eager to embrace new opportunities and challenges together.

Some examples of existing challenges within the industry

Process Optimization

Big Data &

Digital Transformation

Market Execution

Portfolio and Product Design

New Business Models

Capability Programs

Implementation of New Ways 
of Working

Product and Service Development


Organizational Design

UX Research


Case StudiesCPG and Retail Hub


Stay relevant in the
e-commerce age

Structure for volatility and customer pushback

Engage at-home 

Compete in GAFA*
dominated markets

*(Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple)

Find opportunities
in wellness

Find solutions
for R&D

By leveraging futures design, we capture the current vision of the different business areas and help them also consider possible future scenarios.

the vision

We design tools, processes, and experiences necessary to generate a real change in behavior and impact the business, moving towards an innovative, agile and people-centered culture.

Main Deliverables

Insightful and delightful digital integration

By using the Design Thinking process we adopt a human-centered, end to end approach, from reframing problems, to testing and implementing valuable innovative solutions for businesses and teams.

The ability to turn ideas into tangible solutions early in the process allows them to be validated, integrated and improved. 

MJV’s ability to achieve this generates limitless opportunities throughout the design process. A one-stop end-to-end approach, ensures final products, services and/or experiences to be more closely aligned to the insights and unmet needs that generated them.

Our main key skills which come together to ensure innovative delightful solutions

ChallengesTrack recordDeliverablesGlobal MapHow it works

Stay relevant 
e-commerce age

Engage at-home 

Compete in GAFA*
dominated markets

*(Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple)

for volatility and customer pushback

Find opportunities
in wellness

Through a combination of human-centered approach, agile methodology, data science and technology

And we are proud to help CPG companies to overcome them

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Some of our cases include

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